Motivation & Goals

Every year, around 16,500 young people between the ages of 18 and 39 are diagnosed with cancer. For these patients, a cancer diagnosis constitutes a serious turning point for their lives and future planning. The problems and challenges clearly differ both from patients in the field of pediatric oncology and oncology in adults over 40 years.

Suddenly, affected persons are faced with special problems and decisions, even beyond the illness itself. In addition to the best possible medical cancer treatment, topics such as the desire to have children and family planning, a possible gap in their educational path or economic and social emergencies move to the foreground. We don’t want to leave patients to deal with this on their own.

The German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer is here to help and support young people with cancer by promoting science and research, as well as public health. Our foundation sees itself as the point of contact for all questions from patients, relatives, scientists, supporters and the public.

The aim of the foundation is to improve the treatment options and care situation for young adults with cancer.

That means specifically for us:

  • Improvement of medical care and treatment options – support of those affected through prominent cancer researchImplementation of projects with and for young adults with cancer
  • Implementation and awarding of research projects
  • Implementation and promotion of projects to improve care, aftercare and reintegration
  • Establishment of a scientific specialist network in the field of medicine, psychology and other disciplines
  • Medical education support through the awarding of scholarships and prizes
  • Timely publication of all scientific results from research or other scientific activity
  • Implementation and support for the training and further education of qualified personnel
  • Promotion of associations and institutions with similar objectives