In Germany, young people who are or have been diagnosed with cancer often search in vain for personal interaction and networking opportunities with people of the same age in their region. To change that, there are the MEETING POINTS of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer nationwide.

What are the MEETING POINTS?

The regional MEETING POINTS combine the mutual exchange of young people involved and the opportunity for commitment to the topic “Young adults with cancer”.

Activities and commitment

The motivations for participating in a MEETING POINT are different, but what many affected young people have in common is that they want to actively engage with others after surviving the disease. In addition to the informal meetings, the MEETING POINTS offer a platform for this kind of engagement. The MEETING POINTS also help to inform and sensitize the public about the illness and how to deal with it in various areas of life. This includes joint activities, panel discussions on specific topics and participation in projects of our foundation. Networking with other regional providers and organizations is also part of the activities of MEETING POINTS. This form of self-organization by those affected offers the respective MEETING POINTS a lot of room for individuality and the realization of original ideas. The basis for a goal-oriented project work is the intensive cooperation, therefore it’s our goal to involve the affected people in the respective MEETING POINTS in our foundation work.

Exchange and networking

Through the nationwide network of regional MEETING POINTS, young cancer patients can support each other. The MEETING POINTS provide on-the-spot contact points for exchanges with interested young people and are the connect with other offers and projects in the respective region. In a relaxed atmosphere, meetings organized by those affected take place in cafés, bars, parks or other places. Discussions include both the important and the less important things in this world. The disease connects those affected and as such they of course – but not solely – discuss this phase of their lives. Mutual help, interaction and giving tips are important. In a MEETING POINT, not much needs to be explained, all concerned know exactly what it’s like to get cancer.

Who can participate in the MEETING POINTS?

The MEETING POINTS project is open to anyone interested. In particular, it’s aimed at:

  • Young adults who are or were suffering from cancer
  • Relatives and friends of those affected
  • Interested/committed people

The project is based on a voluntary association of committed people. The regional MEETING POINTS are organized by young people themselves and supervised by the team of our foundation in all activities. Each MEETING POINT has a medical expert at its disposal for all technical questions.

MEETING POINTSplus are a combination of existing regional initiatives, groups, organizations and the foundation in a network.

How can I organize a MEETING POINT in my region?

If you would like to organize a MEETING POINT or MEETING POINTplus in your region, please do not hesitate to contact the team of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer. Talk to us and learn more about the project MEETING POINTS. Where are there MEETING POINTS nationwide? Here you’ll find an overview of all the MEETING POINTS in Germany and their contact information.

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