Promoting science

The German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer supports and accompanies young people by promoting science and research and is also the contact person for researchers. The foundation dedicates itself to the following topics:

  • What current offers for psychosocial care or aftercare consultation near patients are available, and are these sufficient?
  • What should be improved to help patients better?
  • How good and comprehensive is the quality of advice for this age group in general?

The foundation wants to promote these and other scientific topics, and as such improve the medical and psychosocial care of young adults with cancer. For this purpose, the foundation awards annual scholarships to scientists of various disciplines. As part of the scholarships, the young scientists will receive funding and specifically work on issues relating to the topic of “Cancer in young adults between the ages of 18 and 39”.


Inform yourself about our funding program for students of various disciplines, who are researching the topic of “Young adults with cancer”.