Patient Advisory Board

The decisive basis for the success of many projects of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer is that they are designed and developed in direct cooperation with those affected. This procedure will also be maintained in the future. In addition, the Foundation would like to use the close contact with those affected to find out which questions the Foundation is addressing, which projects and campaigns it should develop and in which areas it must exercise caution. In order to win partners among those affected to discuss these questions, a patient advisory board was created at the beginning of 2019. It advises the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation on strategic issues.

Current members of the Patient Advisory Board


  • Born in 1988
  • Business lawyer

“As a former cancer patient, I have the impression that the topic of survivorship is still given too little attention: What actually comes after cancer, how does one get back to the “old” life, what support can be provided here? To be able to contribute to the solution of such and other problems, to improve the care of young adults with cancer and to be able to give confidence is my motivation to be part of the Patient Advisory Board.”


  • Born in 1992
  • Speech therapist

“While suffering from triple positive breast cancer in 2019, I became aware of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer. Since then, I have been enthusiastic about the work of the foundation. Through my illness and also now in returning to everyday life, the exchange, the collaboration and the feeling of not being alone in life with the diagnosis has become a very important aspect of my life. Passing on things that I have encountered in such a positive way and tackling things that become problems for me and others affected are tasks I would like to take on.”


  • Born in 1990
  • Legal trainee

“When I received my cancer diagnosis in spring of 2018, I was overwhelmed by an abundance of information, examinations and, in particular, decisions that had to be made within a very short time. I was lucky to have support from those around me, but something was missing from the beginning: The exchange of experiences with people of the same age who were affected. Fortunately, TREFFPUNKT was founded a little later in Marburg, which I have been supporting since the end of 2018 and have led myself for about a year. With my commitment, I would like to give other people affected what I longed for at the time of my diagnosis and am looking forward to contributing my experience and knowledge in the future as a member of the Patient Advisory Board.”


  • Deputy coordinator of the patient advisory board
  • Born in 1992
  • Trainee teacher and future elementary school teacher

“Cancer drove me into poverty. A situation from which I would like to protect future affected persons through my work on the Patient Advisory Board, among other things. The strength that my involvement in the TREFFPUNKTEN as well as in many other projects of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer gave me after my illness is my greatest motivation in this. Thanks to the Foundation, we finally have the chance to be seen and heard and thus to make a difference, socially and politically. Because just as we learn from others affected by cancer, society can learn from us.”


  • Born in 1986
  • Educational scientist

“Yeah, I guess it’s cancer – all the best for the chemo. With these words, a new chapter in my life was opened. From one day to the next, I and my surroundings – especially family and friends – were confronted with completely different and often new issues and emotions. During the diagnosis and therapy, I noticed how helpful and supportive the contact with the Foundation and other affected people is. As a member of the Patient Advisory Board and initiator of TREFFPUNKT Ostwestfalen-Lippe, I would like to contribute and represent the perspective of an affected person in order to help shape the work of the Foundation and contribute to raising awareness and providing information. At the same time, I would like to be the contact person for other affected persons, interested parties, etc., in order to facilitate encounters, networks and exchanges.”


  • Coordinator of the Patient Advisory Board
  • Born in 1999
  • Student

“With the experience of my own lymphoma disease and participation in a clinical trial, I would like to encourage how comparatively good treatment can be. However, there are many other issues that young people with cancer in particular are concerned about, but hardly receive any attention. Young people fall through too many cracks. In order to help shape an improvement in a public-spirited and sustainable way, I would like to actively contribute my experience and time to the Foundation.”


  • Born in 1993
  • Project manager

“As a former cancer patient with a metastatic testicular tumor, I have been supporting the social work of the Foundation on a voluntary basis since 2016. The Foundation’s dual focus, on the one hand directly on patients and their relatives, and on the other indirectly via politics and the public, is what distinguishes the work of the DSfjEmK. I am pleased to be able to contribute my experience in health policy committees, including the G-BA, to the Patient Advisory Board.”

Former members of the Patient Advisory Board


Doreen, Born in 1983 – TREFFPUNKT Vogtland
, Born in 1988 – TREFFPUNKT Berlin
Franziska, Born in 1985 – Kiel
, Born in 1987 – TREFFPUNKT Oberfranken


Lorena, Born in 1994 – TREFFPUNKT Köln
Simon, Born in 1986 – TREFFPUNKT Hamburg
Tobias, Born in 1979 – TREFFPUNKTplus Augsburg