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Tips from affected people

Cancer diagnosis: What now?

Together with young patients and doctors, the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer has developed the project Youth & Cancer – First Aid – Tips from affected people. Young women and men who have had or are suffering from cancer have contributed their experience to the project after the diagnosis of this serious disease.

Those speaking here know what they are talking about, because they have all been through cancer themselves. With this project, we want to encourage and provide effective assistance in the fight against one’s own cancer.

The project will provide authentic and practical tips from young patients for young patients in dealing with the condition, themselves, relatives, employers or attending physicians immediately after diagnosis.

Everyone has their own experiences after the diagnosis. What’s true for one person does not necessarily have to fit the other. We want to show with the video clips that different solutions are possible and correct.

Various topics describe the areas in which most questions and problems arise immediately after diagnosis.

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The leaflet will be available in any practice, clinic or facility where a young patient is diagnosed with cancer.

Head of the board of trustees Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Freund on the project ” Youth & Cancer – First Aid – Tips from affected people”:

Collaboration partners

“Youth & Cancer – First Aid – Tips from affected people” is a project by the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer, young cancer patients and cooperation partners from the media and creative industries.

A special thanks for dedication and commitment to the teams of:

Studio GOOD GbR, Berlin (Illustration & Layout)

Cornelius M. Braun, Hamburg (Photos)

Ruksaldruck, Berlin (Print)

Bell Media GmbH, Leipzig (Video)

Morkramer Media GmbH, Offenbach a.M. (Web)

KOLLOSS Werbe- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Herne (Shipping)

Sparda-Bank Berlin eG, Berlin

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As of: July 2017

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