German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer goes international

1. March 2019 – International Blog

Around 15,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 39 in Germany are diagnosed with cancer each year. While about 80% of these young patients can be cured, they often suffer from long-term consequences such as cardiovascular and hormonal disorders, secondary malignancies, and tumor associated fatigue. Cancer strikes these young patients at a time when many want to start a family or first job, thus impacting the rest of their lives. The German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer promotes scientific research and aims to improve care for this unique group of patients. Our focus is on increasing chances of recovery, quality of life, and future prospects of young adults with cancer. We assist, educate and support young patients, relatives, researchers, practitioners, and the public.

Now we have translated our Website and will provide information on Young Adults with Cancer in Germany and our international cooperations in this Blog. Stay tuned!