Each year, the German Foundation for Cancer Awarding scholarships aims to promote science and research and public health in the area of cancer in young adults.

The scholarships are aimed at scientists of various disciplines. As part of the scholarships, the young scientists will receive funding and specifically work on issues relating to the topic of “Cancer in young adults between the ages of 18 and 39”.

The aim of awarding the scholarships of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer is, on the one hand, the generation of new scientific findings in the aforementioned areas. On the other hand, scholarship holders should be enabled to devote their full resources to scientific research, education and training. The funded projects thus support the scholarship holders in their scientific advancement and at the same time create a benefit for the science itself.

This promotion of science is not only aimed at physicians; Academics of other disciplines who are conducting research on the above-mentioned topic are also expressly addressed, involved and invited to apply.

Funding guidelines

The scholarship program of the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer is currently being revised.

The guidelines and requirements are being redefined. As soon as the process is completed, you will find the applicable regulations here.

Research cancer. Provide a future.

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