Donations instead of gifts

Birthdays, big celebrations, anniversaries or company events – all these occasions are opportunities to make a difference as a host. With your request for donations for young cancer patients, you are supporting aid programs and research for young people with cancer. Your gift can be the gift of a better future!

A touching example…

… from Charlotte, who has been affected personally and is involved at the MEETING POINT Bonn. On her 33rd birthday, she had a special request. You can read her touching letter (in German) here: “What do you want for your birthday?

Your guests can make a direct donation to our foundation’s donation account.

  • Send your guests your donation request with the invitation to the event and indicate the donation account of our foundation as well as a donation keyword as purpose of use (e.g. reason for the event and your name).
  • Your guests have the possibility to pay a donation in the form of a transfer to our foundation before or after the event.
  • As a host, you will receive a list of the persons who have complied with your donation request about four weeks after your event. All donors will then receive a personal thank you letter and a donation receipt.

Your guests can also make cash donations at your event.

  • If you start a cash donation collection at your event, it’s advisable to announce it in advance to your guests.
  • After your event, you can transfer the total amount collected with a donation keyword (e.g. reason for the event and your name) to our donation account. Upon receipt of the donation, you will receive a thank you letter addressed to you and a donation receipt for the total amount. You’re also welcome to send us a list of the individual donors. This way it is possible for us to personally send a thank you letter and a donation receipt to all donors.

Please let us know ahead of time so that we can best support you in your effort. We’re happy to send you information material on our foundation work and all the necessary help (e.g. remittance slip or donation box) for your commitment.

Another recommendation for guests looking for a gift idea: Even if you give a donation to our foundation directly as a gift to the host, you’ll surely encounter great enthusiasm. Our team will gladly design a personalized document for you, which you can give to the host at the event. We’re sure that the recipient will be surprised and extremely pleased.

We’d like to thank you for your support.

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Dr. Marie Gutzeit

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