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Make your own choices

Cancer is not always cancer! Wait until all medical information is available. Often, additional investigations are necessary to make accurate statements and subsequent decisions.

Have your doctor explain the disease, upcoming examinations, and treatments in precise terms. Be sure to ask about the possible side effects and the late and long-term consequences.

Inform yourself about your illness. You’ve probably already googled it. But pay close attention to the quality of your sources of information. It may be hard to recognize untrustworthy websites at first glance.

Almost nothing needs to be done immediately. Situations in which one can’t wait at least one more night to get more information and think are rare. Don’t feel pressured.

Inform yourself about fertility. In the section “Think of tomorrow – Don’t let your chances be taken away“, you can find more information.

Trustworthy and helpful

  • A good first source of information is the Cancer Information Service (in German)
  • We recommend the printed or digital “Blue Guide” (in German) from the German Cancer Aid and “Patients Onkopedia“.
  • You can find more information portals here (in German).
  • You will receive personal advice from the cancer counseling centers and special contact points for various diseases. (e.g. help with brain tumors). You can find a cancer counseling center near you here.
  • If you have any questions about the topic of “job and money”, you can contact the YOUNG CANCER PORTAL.

Ask your doctor for helpful and descriptive materials.

But it’s also important to set priorities! Inform yourself at the specified places and that’ll be enough for now. You can get more information later.

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