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You are not alone

Search for trusted people in your environment, with whom you can talk about your illness and your feelings. They can accompany you during doctor visits and other appointments. Because: Four ears hear more than two.

An open conversation can relieve you of stress, reduce your fears and create clarity – for you and also for the people in your environment.

Jessi30, Draftswoman,
Thyroid Cancer

You are the most important person now. There is no pressure to tell everyone in your environment about the disease. Decide for yourself who you want help with and who you want to talk to: partners, family, friends, doctors, psycho-(onco)logists or other patients.

There can also be reactions that you might not have wished for, or that are even hurtful. But you can’t change how others react.

Franziska26, Student,
Hodgkin lymphoma

Do not be afraid to ask others for help. Give them a chance to help you. The time will come when you can offer them your help.

Recommendations for communicating with others:

  • Honesty, trust and respect are the foundation of all communication.
  • Make a plan for communicating with your relatives and friends. You feel more secure and can better engage in the conversation.
  • You can seek direct conversation with them. Adjust the location, time and content of the discussions about your needs. We recommend writing down the points you want to address.
  • Sometimes you may feel more comfortable communicating your situations through a written message.

There is no need to inform your employer or trainer, your school or college about your illness.

But always make sure to submit the current sick leave. You do not have to specify the reason. You can decide later if you want to talk about it.

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