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Many cancer treatments can result in loss or impairment of fertility. Maybe you do not know today if you would like to have children later. But things can change, so contact your doctor before you start treatment.

With hormone stimulation and a simple procedure, eggs can be harvested and frozen. If there is no time to do this, ovarian tissue can also be removed so that a later pregnancy is possible

Judy28, Veterinarian,

Taking semen with subsequent preservation can give you the chance of having your own child.

Bernd22, Electronics technician,
Bowel cancer

For this, your doctor must inform you now and make an appointment in the fertility center. Be sure to ask also for the cost of treatment. Unfortunately, this isn’t covered by health insurance companies.

On the “Cancer and Becoming a Parent” page of our foundation, we provide additional information. Also more videos with affected young people and their relatives can be found there.

On the website of the Fertiprotekt society, you will find more information on fertility and an overview of fertility centers.

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